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Labor Workshop


Welcome! We are all excited to share your birth experience with you and help you feel prepared for the arrival of your new bundle of joy.  This is a 2-3 hour class where we will review all you need to know to be ready for your natural out of hospital delivery.

Who is this class for:

  • Bella Moms, partners, doulas. (there is no childcare provided)

  • If you are new to the midwifery model of care.

  • If you are looking to strengthen your knowledge concerning Labor and Delivery and initial post partum transition.

  • Initial newborn care and questions answered on breast feeding basics

What to expect:

+ anatomy/physiology of labor & birth + coping/pain-coping + stages of labor + what birth can look like + the partner/father’s role + creating a safe environment + lactation/breastfeeding + early postpartum & parenting.

We may use mindful awareness, open discussions, stories, and art in various ways to help you understand yourself and your personal journey in a different and exciting way.

I highly encourage you to bring your primary support person for the entire class.

To register please discuss this with your midwife or the front desk.

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