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Love Bella Births, the overall atmosphere is great and the midwives are awesome. All appointments are long and never rushed, you are really listened to and well cared for. This was our 4th birth but first at a birth center and I can't say enough good things, through them I was able to finally experience the birth that I had wanted too.-K.S.


I had all 3 of my babies with Kathleen. For my second birth she was with me in the hospital as I had unexpectedly developed preeclampsia. I visited a high risk specialist after my 2nd birth, and she was very impressed the care I recieceved with Kathleen. She recommended that I try for a home birth with her for my 3rd. I'm so glad I did because I finally got to have a water birth! Kathleen is kind, experienced, calming, and understanding. I feel so blessed to have found her!-S.P.



Kathleen is an amazing midwife. She is so supportive, I specially love the way she cares for you and your baby. She is open to discuss any questions, fears & thoughts about your pregnancy and birth. Having her by my side, helped me and gave me the strength to have a beautiful natural birth. She reminded me that it was MY birth, My way. She will have a special place in my heart forever and she has all my gratitude. Thank you Kathleen, you were my rock!-J.S.


I was so happy I went with Bella Births for my first baby. Kathleen and all the staff are so nice and friendly, but more importantly you can trust Kathleen and the midwives to know what is best for you and your baby. I was able to have the natural birth mainly due to the wonderful support of the staff and the time they took with me throughout my prenatal care. I would highly recommend Kathleen and Bella Births to anyone looking for a great midwife.-C.C.

I am so grateful for Anna Catron. After 3 hospital births, I was tired of being pushed around and manipulated by doctors and hospital staff. I refused to participate in their assembly line style birth practices, so I researched alternative birth options and decided to have my 4th child at home. At first my husband and I were both a little apprehensive, but Anna not only answered my questions directly and honestly, she provided her expertise and encouraged me to use my intuition and instincts to make informed decisions about my birth that I felt safe and comfortable with. She respected me and listened to me. She taught me to listen to and trust my body. With her help, I was able to have a healing and empowering birth in the comfort of my home. Thank you, Anna!!-J.M.




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