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As Nurse-Midwives, we attend women in pregnancy and postpartum, but we also are skilled in every stage of a woman's changing life. A healthy woman is an educated woman who understands the natural cycles of life. With each phase, challenges may arise that require delicate adjustment, but new opportunities for empowerment come, too. We work to educate you about the natural rhythms of your life while finding the best modality, natural or medicinal, to balance and maintain your overall health and well-being. 



  • We offer prenatal care and delivery of your baby in a safe, non-threatening environment, either in the birth center or home birth. 

  • The first visit is about 1 hour long.  We review your medical history, discuss your prenatal nutrition needs as well as some prenatal education.  After getting acquainted you will have a physical exam with pap and labs, as needed.  We can usually hear the baby's heartbeat if you are 10 weeks or more.  Sonograms are done for measurement when necessary.

  • Return visits usually last 30 mins and include reviewing the mother's well-being, listening to baby's heartbeat, prenatal education, and nutritional evaluation.  Birth desires and emotions are discussed as you prepare for your new arrival

  • The postpartum visit is 24-48hrs, two weeks and six weeks. We also recommend a 3-month well-woman visit.

  • Newborn care for the first two weeks includes physical exams at birth, the first few days, and 2 weeks as needed. We monitor weight gain, evaluate jaundice, complete newborn screenings, and provide lactation assistance.  

  • Ultrasounds are offered at the office




 Nutritional Guidance and Counseling

 Fetal Health Evaluation

 Natural Vaginal Birth 


 Childbirth Education

 Recurrent Pregnancy Loss or Miscarriage 







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