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Home Birth


For some families, there can be no better place to welcome your baby than at home.  Many mothers feel more comfortable and at ease in the privacy of their own home environment.  Problems such as failure to progress can often be attributed to the multitude of interventions and fear associated with hospitals. While many physicians and hospital-based nurse-midwives are willing to accommodate their patients with birth wishes, hospital policy often limits the ability of the family to comfort and support their loved ones. Homebirth is not a step backward, it is a step away from the hospital back to respecting women and honoring the holistic nature of birth. 

Bella Births supports a woman's ability to know where she will feel safest, uninhibited, and comfortable to birth. 

As a matter of fact, our entire staff has had home births or birthed at the center.  Out of hospital birth is a very safe option for low-risk healthy women. At Bella Births, we view birth as a normal family event until proven otherwise. In fact, research supports the safety of home birth when attended by a trained midwife.  There are a few safety guidelines that we will discuss with you at your consultation.

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