Empowering Birth Since 2002



We practice the midwifery model of care which believes that midwives work with women as partners in order to safely arrive at the best possible birth outcome for mother and baby.   



Certified Nurse-Midwives offer gynecology and well-woman services, guiding women through every stage of life, including peri/postmenopause.   

Childbirth education

​Childbirth education is important preparation for the labor and birth of your child. We offer a holistic education that focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the birth process, as well as the emotional work and comfort measures that facilitate the beautiful process. 

With our experience and access to a secure, collaborating physician, you'll be pleased with your prenatal care, birth and postpartum care.

Kathleen Mayorga, CNM



"Love Bella Births, the overall atmosphere is great and the midwives are awesome. All appointments are long and never rushed, you are really listened to and well cared for. This was our 4th birth but first at a birth center and I can't say enough good things, through them I was able to finally experience the birth that I had wanted too."

- K.S.